Oedipus Essay

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Symbols: "Some instinct of a demigod discovered her to him, not us nearby." Our first symbol is the demigod and it is a representation of the strong force and significant role fate played upon Oedipus' life. No matter the attempt he made to evade what was bestowed upon him, it was a force that could not be stopped. It symbolizes fate in the sense that it was robust enough to be out of one's control; "Not dew, no oozing drops--a spurt of black-ensanguined rain like hail beat down" Another symbol discovered throughout our passage is the "hail." The hail is expressed as a concrete detail which additionally serves and abstract symbolism of intensity. The hail symbolizes intensity, not just of blood heavily running down Oedipus' face, but the intensity of the sin that begins resulting in a catastrophe. A storm is often considered a term in which mean intense rain and other chaos such as hail, therefore in this case, hail is utilized to symbolize the extent of sinfullness and intense stirring in the tragedy. Figurative Language: 1. Simile "A spurt of black ensaguined rain like hail beat down" The usage of this simile in the passage creates an image for the audience in which one can percieve a dark and painful image of Oedipus. His downfall is clearly portrayed with a almost grotesque comparison of his blood drooping heavily like hail. In comparing it to hail, it is viewed as not a simple shower, but hard concrete hail that hurts. 2. Personification: "The night his love had bred his murderer." The function of the personification is to captivate the reader and ellicit the the depth in the mistake and guilt or pity Oedipus was undergoing. At the same time, it shows Jocasta's feelings of anguish at the moment. 3.Irony "The father's seedbed nurtured for the mother's son." It was an unexpected discovery of Oedipus breeding with his mother, but the irony

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