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Luke Tsui 1st draft Over the past few years, I finally found my dream – that is to get a seat in the university. I am a thoughtful and responsible person as I always take care of every bit of things around me. I was assigned to be the Vice-president of the Business and Accounting Club and the committee of the Economics Club in the senior forms. In my years of service, I was responsible for organizing various activities, such as Lunar New Year Fair 2013 in Fa Hui Park, Mong Kok and setting up game booth for the school open day. These were wonderful experiences for me since I worked very well with my team mates and gradually found my own strengths on planning and leadership. Among the activities I joined at my senior secondary level, the most impressive one was attending the Annual General Meeting of Road King Infrastructure Limited, a listed company on Main Board. I was told how to operate a company and how the shareholders would analyse the financial performance and the prospects of a listed company. I had a chance to communicate with the Chief Executive Officer of Road King Infrastructure Limited, Mr Ko. This experience further developed my interest in accounting and business. I became more observant and analytical on the issues related to the commercial sector. In Secondary Five, I took the LCCI Examination (LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATE IN BOOK-KEEPING). My efforts paid off and I was awarded a Certificate of Distinction. I am confident that I am capable to obtain professional qualifications of an accountant in the future. My strong interest and enthusiasm on accounting have been fully cultivated these years. I wish I can equip myself with the study in the accounting or business-related programme in the

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