The Odyssey - Significant Female Roles

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Looking back in history, women have often been portrayed as a specific stereotype. There has been hundreds of years worth of records and stories that show women in societal ranks that are substandard to men. The Odyssey is an example of classic literature that shows women in more powerful and intelligent roles than any other literature from the same period. Athena and Calypso are female characters of great intellect, strength, and supremacy. Their characters are unique, imperfect, and genuine. Athena’s character is one that has appeared in many different settings throughout different parts of mythology and legend. She is usually assisting heroic characters, as she protected and looked out for Odysseus throughout the course of The Odyssey. She is very adept at subtlety and especially disguise, which becomes a significant characteristic of hers through the story. Athena is known throughout tales of Greek mythology as the goddess of wisdom. This is a major trait of hers throughout The Odyssey. Athena could be a probable candidate for the female lead character of The Odyssey, because of her influence on the plot and directions it turns later in the story, such as when Athena convinces the citizens of Ithaca not to try to persecute Odysseus for the murder of the young suitors of Penelope. Athena is a well-liked and enjoyable character because of her wise solutions to mortal problems and her gentle insight. Another female character that is unquestionably interesting is Calypso. Though she may not be considered a favorable protagonist the story, as is Athena, her character has depth and charm. Calypso is a character is very alluring and striking. Readers through the generations like her, despite her unfavorable acts against Odysseus and her encumbering of the reunion between Odysseus and his family. She is somewhat needy of Odysseus, lonely on her

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