Odyssey- Path of a Hero Paper

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Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus displays many different traits of the hero’s journey. He refuses his very journey, saying that it is impossible to return home. He is faced with many trials, including being attacked and trapped by the giant cyclops and being sent in the wrong direction by Poseidon. He meets the goddess and is tempted by a woman when he meets Calypso and and stays with her for a few years. He finally achieves his goal when he returns home. Odysseus’s journey is a hero’s journey because it contains the parts: the road of trials, the meeting of the goddess and the temptation of the woman, and the achievement of the goal. At the beginning of the Road of Trials, Odysseus faces the trial of being tempted by a woman. After being sent in the wrong direction by Poseidon, Odysseus lands on the island of Calypso, the god of the sea. When he meets her, he falls in love with her and thinks of not returning home. He stays with her and begins acting as if she is his wife and begins thinking of starting a family. However, his crew snaps him out of it and tries to rescue him from Calypso. They rescue him and Calypso tells him about what his journey will hold for him and what he will face in his journey. Odysseus faces many dangerous trials during his road of trials. He is washed ashore with his crew and is taken captive by the cyclops and the cyclops begins to eat his men one at a time. He has to attack the cyclops in his sleep and escape the cave underneath the cyclops’s sheep’s bellies. After he escapes the cyclops’s cave, he tries to return back to the course to return home. Poseidon, however, has other plans for Odysseus and sends him into the wrong direction. He sends him to the cave of no return and Odysseus has to sacrifice six of his best men to continue. Once Odysseus escapes the road of trials, he finally returns home. He is not entirely

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