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Nick Smith 2/1/2013 Odyssey Paper The Odyssey The movie “The Odyssey” is a movie based on an epic play by Homer. The story is based around the main character, Odysseus, and his journey from Troy trying to get back home in Ithaca. The play written by Homer shows the importance the Greeks made on worshiping their Gods. This story shows Odysseus as thinking he can do anything without the Gods help, because of this he is punished by Poseidon, one of the Greek Gods, as to not be able to sail his way back home to Ithaca. After all that being said, getting more detailed into the story starts at home, back in Ithaca, where King Odysseus’ son is born in the opening scene. Right after this, Odysseus is summoned to go fight a war over in Troy to defend his homeland. Right here we learn how important the Greeks take the fighting of battle to protect their land. We also learn a lot about Odysseus’ character when he is asked to leave his home, wife, and child the day his son is born. After this we find the soldiers built a horse to hide themselves in and try to sneak into the walls of Troy. Poseidon helps them, but Odysseus does not thank or glorify him and takes all the glory for himself. From this Poseidon punishes Odysseus throughout the movie to keep him from getting to his homeland. This teaches us the power and importance the Greeks felt about their Gods. They felt that the Gods controlled everything and had a God for almost everything. Throughout the movie we are introduced to Athena (Goddess of wisdom), Poseidon (God of the sea), Hermes (the messenger God), Calypso, Circe, Hades (God of the underworld), and countless others. These Gods and Goddesses were either helping Odysseus or trying to stop him. Poseidon was trying to stop him because he wanted Odysseus to see that the world would not work without the Gods. Circe and Calypso wanted to keep Odysseus with them

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