Odyssey/Exodus Essay

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The nature of gods is a common theme in many texts. Homer’s The Odyssey and excerpts from the Bible such as Genesis and Exodus portray the intentions and personalities of gods to their intended audience in a manner suitable to that purpose. Although these stories were crafted with different intentions, they both contain this common theme. The Bible was written to provide guidance through the unknown to believers in Christianity, while The Odyssey was created as a poetic source of entertainment for noble Greeks. Both the god of the Christians and the many gods of the Greeks have a very notable similarity in that they assist those that obey them in accomplishing their goals, but punish those who do not follow the wishes of the gods. The Christian God is portrayed as gracious if followed, while the Greek gods are on a more interactive level with humans. Through the stories told by the text, the nature of gods is revealed. After reading the text, it becomes apparent that these very different societies both believed that those who follow their gods will be rewarded, while those who do not are punished. The Bible uses Genesis and Exodus to portray the graciousness of God towards humanity, provided that his wishes are followed. Several examples of stories within these excerpts include the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, and the Israelites journey from Egypt. God is shown as being a being that is gracious towards humanity. He gives humanity all that they need to survive, so he expects respect in return. When God is disobeyed, he brings terrible punishment upon those that did not follow him. The Garden of Eden is one example of the graciousness of God. He creates an entire world, filled with animals and plants and all that humans need. God gives humans dominion over all creatures of the earth, not knowing how they will behave or what they
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