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The Odyssey: Books I-III In book 1 of The Odyssey, we meet Odysseus. He is apparently being held captive by the nymph Kalypso on Ogygia, her island. Ten years after the Trojan War that he participated in, all the other men have made it back to their homes, but not Odysseus. It seems that of all the Greek Gods, Athena feels the most compassion for Odysseus. According to Zeus, it’s only Poseidon that has ill will toward Odysseus for some reason or another and it was his doing that got Odysseus trapped on Kalypso’s island in the first place. Athena comes up with a plan to help Odysseus and get him off the island. First, Athena compels Zeus to send Hermes to Odysseus and Kalypso and with word that he is to be freed home. Athena addresses the issue of Odysseus’ family. It would seem that in Odysseus’ absence, suitors have been courting his wife Penelope and occupying his home. The belief is that Odysseus is dead. Telemakhos, his son, wants the suitors gone, but he is helpless in the matter. Athena steps in by reshaping herself in the form of Odysseus’ close friend, Mentes, the ruler of the Taphians. She assures Telemakhos that his father is still alive and instructs him to go to Pylos and Sparta in search of news of his fate. Telemakhos is unable to sleep that night because of the thoughts of the journey that could possibly bring hope to the return of his father. In book 2, which is the next morning, Telemakhos calls a meeting with all the suitors to address the issue of them leaving. To no avail, the men have no intention of leaving. In fact, they even go as far as to say that Penelope seduces them. Only Halitherses, an old companion of Odysseus and a mentor, takes Telemakhos’ side. The assembly breaks up without reaching a definite conclusion. Athena as Mentes helps make the arrangements for Telemakhos to leave in a ship to Pylos. Telemakhos, the ship’s crew,

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