Odyssey And Much Ado About Nothing Comparison

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From the books I have read in this course it was easy to choose which one to write about. The odyssey and much ado about nothing have many things in common. One of these themes being lies and deceit, which is a very popular theme and can be found in many novels. Another would be their attitudes towards marriage; both stories are based on marriage. And finally the theme known as pride is a role that takes place in both books. In the book, the odyssey, the gods often use deceit to hide from mortals and to test them. Odysseus uses his cunning to deceive the Trojans and to trick the Cyclopes so he could blind it and escape with his men. In much ado about nothing, the use of deception is never expected but it is used by many people in this book. The play is made on deception, but then when the characters use even more deception, they fix everything. The attitude towards marriage is used in both stories, one stronger than the other though. In the odyssey, Odysseus fights so hard to get home because he missis his wife. His marriage fuels his courage and helps him fight his way home. In much ado about nothing, marriage is another strong theme being that the story line is based around Claudio wanting to marry hero. From the first scene in the book Claudio wants to marry hero and seemingly nothing will stop him. In the odyssey, Odysseus’s main flaw is his pride and his inability to take an insult. This is bad in the odyssey because he insults the gods after his battles with his boastful pride which in turn angers them greatly. This is one of the reasons Poseidon decided to punish Odysseus and keep his ship at sea for so long. In much ado about nothing, pride is very evident. Beatrice and Benedick are a good example of this because they are inspired to love each other after being called too prideful to do so. These two stories have many similarities in their
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