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LaVelle Steeple 1/8/12 ELA mrs.anthony the odyssey essay shaping sheet odysseus care about his mean. odysseus show his loyalty to his men by leaving the safety of his ship to save save them from crice , saying "you'll never bring back a single man alive quick , cut and run with the rest of us here. (238,296). his loyalty is very strong to his men because he is welling to risk his body and will to live and keep part of his voyage going.being a good hero is being loyal to your men by putting your men before yourself. odysseus save his crew from the wrath of cyclups." what was the best way out? how would i find a way to escape fro death for my crew" (224,470)."i odysseus is sitting there thinking of how will he get his men out of the cave. he is a good hero because he will never put his self in front of other .he mounts fire bed to set his men free from the spell." circe, circe, how dare you tell me to treat you with any warmth." odysseus know he has a wife but he is willing to do anything to save his men. He is a great hero because he is will to cheat on his wife to save his men. odysseus care about his men because he is willing to do anything and put his life on the line to save his men. odysseus is very brave. he risk his life to save his men. odysseus he goes to clam up a mountain just to get to circe. he is brave because he will clam a big mountain that hue could die on. odysseys stab the cyclops in the eye. courage no panic no hang back now." odysseus was brave he didn't care how big the cyclops was he was going to stab him. he is brave because he will think of something to kill the cyclops then do it. odysseus goes to see hades. he show how he is brave by going to the underworld and he knew he may not come back. odysseus rick going to the underworld so he could get home and that show how brave he is. odysseus is brave because what he says he does with

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