Odysseus vs. Ulysses

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Ryan Cromwell May 9, 2013 English 9 Block 4 Exam Essay Odysseus vs. Ulysses Odysseus and Ulysses Everett McGill were alike in many ways. They both had a lot in common with what they would do for their wives. Their leadership was never in doubt the reader could always tell they were the ones running the show. On the other hand Odysseus fighting techniques was extremely different from Ulysses. Odysseus and Ulysses loved their wives very much and would do anything for them. Odysseus tried throughout the whole book to get back to his loving wife Penelope. He kept on getting side tracked by either a witch a Cyclops or the Trojan War. Like Odysseus, Ulysses escaped jail as soon as he could once he heard his wife Penny was getting married to another man. He went across the country just to try to win his wife back. Ulysses wife as well as Odysseus’s were both going to marry another man, but they both reached their wives in time and won them back. Odysseus and Ulysses show amazing leadership. They always know how to get out of those tough situations. When Odysseus and his men got stuck in the Cyclops cave everyone else freaked out. Odysseus calmed everyone down and devised a plan to shove a giant stick into the Cyclops one good eye. After this worked Odysseus and his men hide under the sheep so when the Cyclops felt the sheep he felt fur and let them outside. A way Ulysses showed his leadership was when he saw his African American friend getting ready to be hanged by the KKK. Ulysses sprang into action and made the KKK regret ever taking his friend by knocking the burning cross over. Odysseus and Ulysses fighting styles were very different. Ulysses could not fight at all and this was shown when he fought Vermin T. Waldrip for Penny. Unlike Ulysses, Odysseus was an exceptional fighter he fought in the Trojan War and killed countless men; he always knew how to

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