Odysseus vs. Lyra

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Although Odysseus and Lyra are both seen as heroes, they are different in many ways. Their differences prove that there isn’t a set “mold” for heroes. Odysseus is a strong male warrior. He is the ruler of a nation and an important figure in his society. He gets through his dilemmas and challenges using his clever nature. At the end of The Odyssey, Odysseus’ journey is finished, as he has returned home to Ithaca. He has experience and self-knowledge, and his journey is through a world that is familiar to him. On the other hand, Lyra is a small girl. She has a virtually carefree existence. Although she is curious, she does not have the experience that Odysseus has. Lyra’s “odyssey” will continue- it is not over at the end of the book. She acts in ignorance and curiosity more than anything else. Lyra does not know what lies ahead of her and her journey is through a world that is very unfamiliar to her. Both Odysseus and Lyra are brave and adventurous. They are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals, no matter what those may be. They both receive help, but in different forms. Odysseus is helped by Tiresias, Circe, and Athena. Lyra receives help from her daemon, Pantalaimon, and her “truth-teller”, the alethiometer. Both Odysseus and Lyra are heroes. Odysseus is a typical hero, strong and fearless. Lyra is an atypical hero- an innocent child. She proves that heroes can often be found in the most unlikely
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