Odysseus As An Epic Hero In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey An epic is a long narrative poem and is told as a story. An epic hero is one that has a goal and has been embarked upon a long journey. In an epic, the hero is capable of being a great leader or a weak one. The Odyssey is an epic about a hero who is on a journey to see his family which he hasn’t seen in many years. Odysseus, the epic hero of The Odyssey is faced with many obstacles that could destroy his hopes of ever seeing his family again. In The Odyssey, Odysseus was on a long journey, which exposed his true weaknesses as a leader. For example, it points out that Odysseus tells his men to get on board, but they do not listen because they are too busy partying (815: 30- 31). This shows that Odysseus wasn’t loud and serious…show more content…
In the epic, it says he would never give his consent to Calypso (813: 22-25). This was very important because his loyalty to his family was the main reason why he would fight through all of his obstacles during the journey. He encountered many women on his journey, but never fell for any of them which could’ve happen to most people. Although his loyalty was his biggest strength as a leader, he couldn’t have done it without his intelligence and patience. At one point during the epic, Odysseus had to put up with all the suitors (885: 75-78). This shows his patience because he would let all the suitors trash his house and stay calm. He was patient enough to wait for the right time to kill all of the suitors that wanted Penelope. In additions, Odysseus shouts “Come, clear the beach and no one taste the Lotus, or you will lose your hope of home (816: 53-54). Odysseus was smart enough to know what would happen if you eat the Lotus and didn’t want his men to forget everything. A good leader has to make sure his men are listening to him even if that means he has to threaten them. In this case, Odysseus tell his men that they won’t go back home if they eat the Lotus which keeps them away from it. Odysseus’ strength as a leader was what helped him to see his family after all of the challenges he had to

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