Odysseus As An Epic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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An epic hero demonstrates many extra ordinary qualities that make him a super human being. He is not only strong and courageous; but is also an intelligent and an excellent leader. Like any other hero, an epic hero faces struggles, usually in a battle or a war, but wins in the end. Homer’s Odyssey is an account of heroic adventures of Odysseus after being in the Trojan War for ten years. Odysseus emerges as a true epic hero when he overcomes all these obstacles, and reunites with his wife and son after twenty years. Odysseus’ most precious trait is his intelligence. This is proved many times throughout the epic, but especially when Odysseus and his men land onto Cyclopes’ island. Polyphemus, a giant, eats six of Odysseus’ men as he is angry with them. Odysseus’ quick thinking helps him and his men escape the island of Cyclops. Odysseus cleverly gives Cyclops a lot of wine, and blinds him when he goes to sleep, “So with our brand we bored that great eye socket while blood ran out around the red-hot bar” (337-338). Thus Odysseus is able to escape from the island of Cyclops because of his wit and strength. Not only is Odysseus clever, he is also proves to be a good leader. Odysseus displays leadership when faced with Charybdis, a monster that swallows the…show more content…
One of his major weaknesses was that he could be easily distracted, especially by women, thus making his trip home last a lot longer. He is sometimes thought of as a cheater, and the man who did not stay truthful to his wife. He stayed with Circe for one year before his men reminded him of home. He also stayed with Calypso for seven years. However, we must not forget that he had no other choice. He knew that she was an immortal and he didn't want to make her angry. He wanted to be with the witch Circe only to save his men. What is important is that even after twenty years, he stayed loyal to Penelope, and wanted to return to

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