Odysseus As A Tragic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus is finally home. Odysseus myst be cautious. He does not tell anybody who he is at first. “ He tore his tunic so that it hung in rags he scooped up mud and smeared his face, and arms, and legs. Then he huddled his shoulders together and practiced a limping walk. Finally he was satisfied and began to hump away along the cliff road, no longer a splendid warrior, but a feeble old beggar (148).” He has to have a secret identity of a beggar because if the suitors found out Odysseus was home then he would be killed. Odysseus needs to get rid of the suitors and be safe with Penelope. He first had to convince Penelope that Odysseus was dead and that she needed to find a new husband. “ They are to hold an archery

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