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Odysseus Essay

  • Submitted by: pinaysporty
  • on February 26, 2008
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Is Odysseus is a superhero? Or is he just a hero? A superhero holds many superhuman like having extraordinary strength, courage, and being an incredible leader. An hero can be anyone without powers. A hero can be someone with incredible intelligence. In the book Odyssey Odysseus   is on a quest to return home after years of war in Troy. He is forced to journey through a mighty Cyclops, raged Gods, Goddesses the underworld, and suitors that are after his wife Penelope. Odysseus conquers these obstacles and returns home safely with the help of his incredible intelligence, superior strength, and great courage. Through out his voyage all of these traits are displaced which show what kind of person he really is.

Odysseus shows his intelligence and wit when he has to develop a plan to escape the lair of the mighty Cyclops. For instance, “Take this drink and have some wine. I was bringing it to you in the hope that you would take pity upon me and help me get home…as he spoke, he fell out if the ground, The wine made him drunk”. The giant monster has been eating all of Odysseus’s mean as snack and there isn’t much time before it gets to him. Odysseus quickly thinks as the Cyclops is snacking. He give the mighty monster a sip of some foreign wine to help his meal go down. Little does the Cyclops know, the wine will cause him to be put unconscious. Odysseus’s plan was successful as the Cyclops is now drunk. He then finds a large poll to lodge into the eye of the Cyclops there for blinding him. The hero and the remaining men manage to flee the lair of the Cyclops. Odysseus intelligence is definitely a major factor in this scene. Creating a plan so quickly and performing it with ease shows both intelligence and precision.

The heroic leader shows off his strengths when he returns to his home only too find it has been filled with suitors. For example “So the great soldier took his bow and bent it for the bowstring effortlessly. He drilled the axe heads clean, sprang, and...

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