Oded Balilty: The Power Of One

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The Power of One. The text I am going to analyse is a photograph by Oded Balilty. The photograph depicts a lone Jewish woman physically defying about 20 Israeli security officers as they attempt to evacuate the West Bank settlement outpost of Amona on Feb 1, 1006. The woman is in the far right of the picture; her height is about half the height of the photograph. Her facial expression is pained and frustrated. She appears to be holding back the soldier’s shields. She is dressed in casual civilian clothing this is in stark contrast with the army gear the soldiers are wearing. There are male soldiers, about 20 rushing towards her, the nearest have shields up against her, one solider is the mirror image of her stance. Only a clear…show more content…
They brutal and aggressive. The army clothing evokes feelings of aggression and dislike towards the soldiers. It also enforces male stereotypes of aggression and violence, even though we see no actual violence in the picture, it is implied. The woman is Jewish and therefore we atomically feel symphony towards her. We side with the woman because we naturally assume she is caring and possibly protecting her family and children. The image of a woman as the protector is especially powerful. If we take the oppositional reading we see the woman as a rebel creating anarchy. The woman is defying her government and country. The soldiers clothing could be seen as for protection. The image is purposely constructed to shock us; it is manufactured as propaganda against the Israeli government. We could also view the image with a negotionated position. Believing in the woman as a force of good, but accepting the soldiers are just carrying out their duties and are following command. The photographer’s interpretation of the shot is “David against Goliath”. He believes in the power of one woman, against a seemingly male dominated regime. The shot is visually amazing, as this one woman appears to physically holding back a whole army, although in the reality the scene looks like this for a spilt second before the woman was trampled. It conveys the sense of a struggle against a domineering
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