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1. The story opens with a conclave of the gods; Athene asks why Odysseus is kept prisoner by Calypso. Zeus answers, "Because he blinded Polyphemus, the son of Poseidon, and Poseidon keeps a grudge against him." Then Athena goes to Ithaka, and finds the house of Odysseus full of a horde of bullies who have quartered themselves there until Penelope should choose one for a husband. She meets his son Telemachus, and hears all about it and advises him to call a public meeting and then to go to Pylos in search of news. He enters the hall and asserts himself for the first time - he is still a boy - to the surprise of his mother and the wooers alike. 2. He calls a town-meeting, and complains of the doings of those men. One of them, Antinous, answers in violent words, and there is a debate. Telemachus goes down to the seashore and there Athena meets him and promises her help. In the shape of Mentor she procures a ship and a crew and they embark in the night. 3. The ship reaches Pylos, and they are entertained by King Nestor. The king does not know anything about Odysseus but his rambling recollections help us to understand parts of the story of Troy which lies behind this. Athena flies away in tho shape of a sea-eagle, but Telemachus remains; and next day Nestor sends him to Sparta in charge of his eldest son. 4. Menelaus entertains them and tells more about the Trojan war and its results. Helen enters and guesses that this is Telemachus. Menelaus says he knows nothing of the fate of Odysseus, except that he was told by a sea-goddess, that he was held prisoner by Calypso. While they are busy at dinner, the wooers in Ithaka hear that he has found a ship and gone; they are furious and decide to lie in wait for him and murder him on the way home. (Note: while the wooers are holding their watch and while feasting is going on in Sparta - that is, while nothing is happening in

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