Ocupational Outlook Essay

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CHAPTER 1 REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Describe the seven core qualities that every health care professional should demonstrate. The seven core qualities that every health care professional should demonstrate are: • Care about others • Have integrity • Be dependable • Work well with others • Be flexible • Be willing to learn • Strive to be cost conscious 2. Give examples of behavior that demonstrate each core quality. a. Apply knowledge and skills to decrease suffering and increase the wellbeing of others. When necessary, be willing to put the needs of patients ahead of one’s own. Have respect for all people and help them regardless of their race, nationality, economic status, religion, age, or lifestyle preferences. b. Be honest at all times. Respect the privacy of others. Be loyal to the employer. Accept responsibility for one’s actions. c. Be at work on time and as scheduled. Follow through and finish all assigned tasks. Perform work accurately and completely. Work without constant supervision and reminders. d. Strive to understand the feelings and needs of others. Be courteous and considerate. Practice good communication skills. Be a good team member by cooperating and contributing to the achievement of group goals. Take directions willingly from the supervisor. e. Be willing to adapt to changing conditions and emergencies. Do what is needed to carry out tasks. Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to keep up with advances in technology and changes in the way health care is delivered. f. Keep skills up-to-date. Ask questions, attend workshops, read professional publications, use the Internet, and continue to acquire new skills. g. Look for ways to improve patient care while maintaining or lowering expenses. Work efficiently and take care not to waste supplies. 3. List and describe the three major types of approvals that certify the competency of

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