October Sky Essay

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October Sky’ and ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ are my favorite among fours movies, these the four all talk about ‘hero’. The plots are splendid and interesting which to show the different characteristics of heroes. What Jessie and Homer shows me is a kind of strength to push me up because of their persistence and zeal. These two movies are worthy for me to rethink profoundly . The themes of ‘October Sky’and ‘Bend It Like Beckham’are similar to each other which to show how Jessie and Homer pursue their dreams by overcoming many hardships. Homer wants to be a rocket expert. His father is the only person who tries to stop Homer, because he wants Homer to inherit his mining business and invent a rocket is impractical to Homer’s father. America has not achieved it yet at that time, how can a high school student make it? Homer is confident and persistent to explore his rocket dream. Although he suffers many troubles, finally, his rocket flies toward the sky. Another big success for Homer is that he gets his father’s support at the end. Everyone is proud of Homer. As for ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, Jessie is a British-Indian who likes to play soccer very much. Because of her family’s tradition and religion, she is not allowed to play soccer. What she is supposed to do is to study hard and get married with a nice man but not focus on the soccer. Beckham is her hero who supports Jessie everytime when she gets in trouble. Finally, she wins the final soccer match and goes to a good university for playing soccer. Jessie also gets another big success which is her parents support to her soccer dream. Obviously, Both Jessie and Homer’s dreams come true and succeed after surmount plenty of difficulties. It is easy to see that except Jessie and Homer’s persistence, their parents’ support is the main factor of their successes. Parents’ restraint influence Jessie and Homer’s success
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