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"October Sky" Heroes Christopher Jason. 10/24/10. There are many great heroes presentday, They are all around us. The three main Heroes from Octobersky are Homer Hickam, John Hickam, and Miss Rilley. They all possessed great traits of their own heroic quality. Wheher it was being dedicated, self-sacrifising, or overcoming obstacles each trait was important and defined these characters as the heroes they are. Some could argue Homer was decidated for example, while others could argue he's brave. So as you can see each trait was essential, but also based on opinon. Firstly, the Main character and one of the three main heroes of October Sky, was Homer Hickam. Three main traits of being a hero I strongly argue about him are, being Self-sacrificing, Dedicated, and last but not least, Overcoming obstacles. Homer was very selfsacrificing during October sky. He had to sacrifise being able to do thing things with hisFather (John Hickam). As well as subjecting himself to bullying with his Rocketsinstead of not drawing to much attention to himself. Homer was also very dedicated, and did not stop building rockets no matter what happened. He proved his dedication as to go to such lengths to learn PhD Math, and get Rocket money by any means possible. The last important Trait Homer has is that he had the ability to overcome obstacles. He overcame bullying, Mr.Turner, and even his own Father. The second hero in October sky is John Hickam. John's most important traits are being Dedicated, having the power to save others, and being brave. In terms of being dedicated Mr.Hickam was in love with the mine. It was his life and he cared for it very dearly. Mr. Hickam was also able to save others. When a Crisis at the mine happened he was first to rush in, and he didn't even have to. He also saved as many men as possible whn the Mine collapsed, not leaving

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