Ockham’s Razor and History Essay

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| Ockham’s Razor and History | Professor Doxey | | Wes Schramm | Section 10 | | Trying to define the cause and effects of all of history is the question that Diamond is compelled to answer in his book. Although many believe that this would be an overwhelming task that would be filled with mistakes, because of the Ockham’s razor principle ("entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity"- William of Ockham) it should be accepted as a valid book filled with valuable information. Although all of the statements in the book may not be correct, it is a simple and understandable book that tries to explain history with much detail. Diamond’s argument presented in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel stating that the cause of different development rates of different societies is ultimately because of geological and environmental differences should be viewed as a plausible and generally accurate statement. The Ockham’s razor principle supports this because the information in the book is well researched, well presented in a precise but simple form, and the lack of other published works that presents an argument of equal detail. Diamond’s research is well founded and Diamond can be considered a professional in his field of study. The author states in his preface that his mother is a linguist, and that his father is a physician specializing in genetics. Because of his parents’ professions, he had two very reliable sources for his research based on languages and genetics. He has also spent over 33 years working with the people of New Guinea, some of the most primitive people on the Earth today. Through those many years he has come to understand band and tribal ways of living. He also planned on becoming a physician himself so that further cements his medical foundation. He then changed his goal to biological research so that he has extensive knowledge and

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