Oceangarpher Essay

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. Oceanographers work with water quality, currents, tides, biology, and the physical features of the ocean, as well as shipping minerals and fishing industries. Additionally, they study ocean temperatures using a variety of techniques to monitor ocean temperature, ocean currents, and changes in salinity. Oceanographer jobs are offered at the federal, state, and local levels. In addition, many research foundations concerned with environmental health have positions for entry level and advanced oceanographers. This field addresses the composition, inhabitants, and health of the ocean from the smallest organism to the biggest ship plying the waves of the sea. There are many types of oceanographers; these include geological, biological, physical and marine oceanographer. They all study different parts of oceanography but, they are some way related to each other. Remember that oceanographers are specialists in everything that touches the marine environment so these four general fields aren't the total extent of this profession. Oceanography is a very professional with detailed specialization in one part of the field. The salary of an oceanographer largely depends on the years of experience and skills the candidates have. To become an oceanographer, it is necessary that one takes science and mathematics subjects in high school. Graduates and post graduates in the fields of physical science have a good opportunity in the interesting field of oceanography. The ones with a doctoral degree however, are in most demand. The ones working for well-known scientific research institutions are known to earn a decent salary. The average salary of one with less than five years of experiences is found to be around $60,000 year. However of those who have experience of over ten years in the industry, they could get

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