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Market Audit & Preliminary Marketing Plan Final Report Marketing 190 December 5, 2014 By: Brittny Starr Sarah Alzanoon Isabela Casillas Namneet Gill Michael Haarstad Jimmy Willoby Introduction The purpose of this marketing program is to provide a detailed explanation and analysis of how the XO Computer, an innovative low cost, high speed user-friendly computer will be introduced into the Turkish market. The main target segment of this product will be young children and the elderly, as the simple user friendly system will allow for ease of use and the low cost will open up the market to a large number of people. The many features of the XO Computer such as its ability to go about 10 hours of a single charge, low power demands, built in audio/ video capability and built in mesh networking that also provides a potential market for field operators. The XO Computer provides a reliable, low cost product that serves people who need access to a computer that meets their basic needs that are also price conscious. This marketing program will show how we plan to satisfy the needs and demands of the consumers. The product The XO Computer was created in part by the founder of the MIT media lab, Nicholas Negroponte after his visit to Africa. He wanted to create a computer that bridged the digital gap between children of third world countries and more developed nations, hence the idea of the XO Computer was formed. In conjunction with the One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPCA) and the Cambridge based – OLPC Foundation (OLPC) the move was put in place to create a product that would prove beneficial to users around the world regardless of their social or financial status (Quanta computer). The XO Computer’s specifications include a 500MHz processor, 1 GB of memory and an innovative dual mode display that can be used in full color mode, or in a black

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