Ocean Acidification Essay

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Ocean acidification began in the industrial Revolution by humans burning large amounts of coal which led the ocean water to become more acidic.This increased carbon dioxide in the earths atmosphere.This is important because it can have an affect on multiple marine organisms. But can also cause and even more drastic effect on marine organisms with an shell or skeleton like coral or an clam. Mainly tiny plants and animals in the marine food web.When acidification takes place it can cause the tiny plants and animals skeletons or shells to just dissolve away. Humans have had an part of this acidification problem and half of the carbon dioxide that has been put into the ocean has been found in the upper part of the ocean and half comes from humans.Which means,.Human activities has been absorbed by the world's oceans,which play a key role in moderating climate change.Without this capacity of the oceans, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere would have been much higher and global warming and its consequences would be more dramatic.The impacts of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems are still poorly known the oceans are important for the health of all life.They control climate, a food and energy source and are used for all kinds of recreational activities..They have also helped buffer global warming by absorbing the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.The carbon is now causing fundamental changes in the ocean, lowering the acidification in the oceans and causing them to become more acidic .Marine organisms aren't able to absorb enough calcium carbonate to build strong shells and skeletons, which will lead to effects on coral reefs and food webs worldwide. Measurements are being done by scientist on seawater collected during research cruises, which provide wide space coverage over a short time period, and from automated ocean carbon measurements on
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