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Maritza Perez Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Prof. Willis GHU 140 Essay Paper OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) OCD also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be best defined as such; OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder marked by the recurrence of intrusive or disturbing thoughts, impulses, images, or ideas (obsessions) accompanied by repeated attempts to suppress these thoughts through the performance of certain irrational and ritualistic behaviors or mental acts (compulsions). OCD is a condition that has not gone without notice. Throughout the past there have been many pieces of literature that describe OCD but until recently it was considered rare. It wasn’t until around 1980 that research provided information to prove otherwise. Since then it has been reported to be one of the fourth most common psychiatric illnesses. According to research done as of 2009 there are reportedly around 2.2 million people in the US that have OCD. Although this number is most likely not accurate because many people who have OCD may not come forward due to embarrassment. OCD can happen at any age from childhood up until adulthood and is found in all races. A decent amount of adults that have OCD have said they have had it since a child. The most common age range that symptoms emerge is usually between 10-24yrs of age. There is an equal amount of males and females who have OCD but for males it usually shows up as a child whereas woman it usually shows up in the early twenties. As stated by the definition OCD is basically a person who stays with a certain thought or idea and can’t think of anything else until they do a certain ritual/routine to assure that those thoughts or ideas don’t become a reality. For example a man worried that his house will be broken into will constantly check to see if he locked his doors and windows. The

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