Occupy Wall Street Protests

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Occupy Goes Global The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests quickly spread internationally and turned into the Occupy movement. The Occupy movement had the same primary goals of the OWS, of bringing attention of the economic and social inequalities of the “99%”, corporate greed, climate change, and other concerns. The Occupy Wall Street protests were actually, first, the idea of a group from Vancouver, Canada; so essentially the Occupy Wall Street movement was a global idea since the beginning. The protests in New York City’s Zuccotti Park started on September 17, 2011 and by October, Occupy Movement protests had taken place in over 900 cities in 82 countries. Of the 1,504 Occupations that are currently listed on the Occupy website 461 are outside the U.S. The largest concentration outside North America is in Europe, with more than 250 occupations. The European Occupy movement focuses on the European Debt crisis, which caused high unemployment and austerity measures by the government…show more content…
They are both furious with governments, tired of the poor economy, and mistrustful of powerful institutions. New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, said the two movements are “not that different” and they are both angry “because government has become dysfunctional.” While the two movements do have fundamental differences on issues such as spending and taxes, they have similar issues with Washington, the bailouts, and the economy. Both movements similar issue with Washington stem from the belief that politicians have special interests and favor corporations. Both movements are against the bailouts of the auto and financial industries, the Tea Party sees it as a form of socialism and the OWS sees it as symbol of favoritism to the wealthy and large corporations. And, finally they both are similar since they were both started due to the lousy
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