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Occupy Wall Street Essay

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Occupy Wall Street Movement
Dennis Yutuc
BUS 309
Professor Abedin

Occupy Wall Street, a movement in which they oppose the idea of government saving major banks and other financial institutions.   The feeling that these institutions are taking money to better them and not their clients probably escalated due to the ethical financial unrest this country has gone thru and is slowly trying to get out of.   Prior to this, personally, I have never heard of this movement here in the states.   Seen news and Internet posts about them all over the world but never saw it here in this country.   It may have been around, but was not a huge movement until all this business with Enron, Goldman Sachs, and others were scrutinized over their financial bookkeeping.
Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement
On the government side, the moral issue faced is the fact that their main concern was of themselves.   They probably chose to satisfy their needs and wants rather than their society.   It seemed as though the people saw the rich were given a little bit more financial freedom than those of the middle or lower class.   Money is the biggest issue we can see in the movement.   For the movement, the rich seems to be the class that the government tends to please rather than the all the classes this country has.   The importance of a balance social structure is probably the main goal of the movement.   The government imposing more taxes on middle to lower class, to the movement, is immoral in itself.  
As far the economic implications, well the movement itself, probably, was a result of this country‚Äôs economic distress from 2001-2007.   The country is slowly moving towards the right direction, but the movement felt that it would be a faster economic growth if all men (and women) were taxed equally or the richer gave more instead of the lower class members of this country.

Analyze each of the implications identified above against the utilitarian, Kantian,...

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