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Occupy Movement In this essay about the occupy movement I will be addressing my opinion about why protestors are making such a big deal about corporations receiving multi millionaire bonuses and if I think what they are doing is right or wrong. The protestors started off as just a handful of people in New York city. It wasn't long before it became more than a handful of people because it isn't just a few people that are being affected by unemployment, it is thousands of people. The unemployment rate right now is at its highest level since the Great Depression. The great depression was a brutal worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. The people that are part of that 99 percent of unemployment are showing the world very well by protesting that they are not happy. the majority of the unemployed have been unemployed for nearly 6 months, and probably longer by now. The protestors started when they became unemployed and when people around the world became angry with the banks. They are angry at the banks because they blame them for the housing crisis which was the cause of the recession. The protestors are also angry because instead of punishing the banks, which they should have done, they received 700 billion dollars from the government. This makes them so angry because that money could have gone to help those who were affected by the housing crisis. The housing crisis was American homeowners couldn't repay their mortgage loans. Eventually they couldn't afford the homes they lived in so the bank took their houses leaving the families with nowhere to live. I do think protesting is a good way to get your point across and it's a good way to get peoples attention and I do agree with the protestors. Especially if it's something as important as families not being able to put a roof over their families head or put food in their families mouths.

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