The Occupation Of Nursing

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One’s choice of work depends on a variety of areas. To understand Nursing a person must examine Preparation Needed, Working Conditions, Earnings, and Nature of the Job. In addition, a person getting prepared for a career in nursing should be able to provide a thorough but concise résumé. Lastly, a prospective employee should interview someone in his/her field. Examining the job, writing a résumé, and interviewing someone in the field all help to determine whether one’s choice is suitable or not. To get a job in this occupation you must complete the three major educational paths: A Diploma, An Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Science Degree ( High school graduates are capable of obtaining their associates degree in two years of nursing programs at a community college. Diploma’s can be earned in a three year nursing programs offered by hospitals or schools of nursing. Bachelor degree’s take four or five years to complete with the help of combined liberal arts courses with technical and scientific training ( ). Someone with these things done must graduate from an approved nursing program and pass a national licensing exam in order to obtain a nursing license. Everyone is capable of having a license in more than one state ( ). The work conditions for a nurse are somewhat unlimited. You can work in a patients home, schools, community center, hospital, nursing care facility, etc (1). RN’s may call available to work on short notice and some may work nights, weekends, and holidays (3.) Many nurses spend a lot of their time walking and standing ( ). Sometimes their job becomes high stress and physically demanding which means they need to know how to work well

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