Obstacles Faced by Legislation Essay

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Obstacles Faced by Legislation Yearly, there are thousands of proposals written by Senators and Representatives. These proposals are known as bills or legislation. There are many obstacles that may have to be faced when attempting to move legislation through Congress. Many bills may not even make through Congress, because there is such a long process. Only a few of these legislations successfully become a law. To become a law, a majority of the House of Representatives must first sign the bill. Afterwards, a majority of the Senates must sign it. It must then be signed by the president. Although, these are the only three steps, there is a lot more to the process. This causes more difficulty to a law being passed. The legislation must first be presented as a public policy problem. After it has been established to be a problem, possible solutions have to be discussed. The solutions have to be sorted through to find out which solution best fits the problem. A member of Congress proposes the bill as the most legitimate solution to the problem. The bill must be drafted before being introduced in the House of Senate. The members of Congress must then compete for congressional attention and attention of the public to have the legislation recognized. After the bill has been formally introduced and recognized, it is passed further to a congressional committee to be considered. It has to be passed through nineteen committees in the House and seventeen additional committees in the Senate. Some bills are required to go through the jurisdiction of more than one of these committees. There is some legislation that is not so clear about which committee has jurisdiction over the bill. Hearings have to be held for consideration of the bill to be passed. A favorable committee can determine whether the passing of the bill will be a success or a failure. If a chair does not
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