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Objective Statement, Summary and Recommendations: The child chosen for this child observation paper is a nine month old male, who appears to a healthy normal child. His mother is Caucasian and father is half Caucasian and half Hispanic. Mother and father are together however, are not married. He lives in the home with grandmother, mother, father, aunt, uncle a older female cousin who is three. He comes from a middle class background and has no siblings. The author of this paper observed him in the living room of his home. His mother kept all of his toys spread out on the floor in the middle of the room so that the author of this paper could observe him while h he plays. The child had many toys such as blocks, plush toys, rings, keys, a stationary jumper and a toy that is designed to help the child learn to walk OBSERVATION The child is able to crawl across the room. He is able to stand and walk with the assistance of a piece of furniture. He is able to pull himself up from the sitting position holding on to the coffee table. Once he stands straight up he is able to walk around the table while holding on He is able walk around the room if he is holding on to the toy that is designed to help a infant learn to walk. The child is able to wave good bye make face expressions, and able to say “dada”. He is able to understand the word no, but doesn’t always seem to obey it. When his name is called is responds to it. He will respond to nick names as well. He can drink from a bottle and a Sippy Cup independently. He plays patty cake, and gives kisses. At the end of the session the child was

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