Observing and Classifying Matter

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Honors Chemistry Name: ____________________________________ Period: ______ OBSERVING AND CLASSIFYING MATTER Based on the observations from class today… 1. List the properties of water, gas from A, and gas from B. Do your best to interpret what qualifies as a “property.” water gas from A gas from B 2. Is the gas from A the same substance as the gas from B? Justify your response with your observations. 3. Is water a single substance? You need to consider how a substance is defined (include your definition of substance.) 4. Using your definition of substance, classify the following as either a pure substance or a mixture a. ocean water b. air c. granite d. wood e. wine f. liquid nitrogen Part of studying chemistry is being able to form pictures in your mind of what matter looks like on an atomic or molecular level – picturing what kinds of atoms or molecules a particular substance is made of. We can classify the substance based on what types of atoms and molecules it’s made of. We use these images as a way of representing substances. Consider the drawings below: These images show methane molecules (CH4) in each of the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. 4. Label the drawings as solid, liquid, or gas. How can you tell? 5. How are the various speeds of the molecules shown? 6. Molecularly, how would you distinguish between the three states of matter? 7. Consider ammonia, NH3. In the boxes below, draw ammonia molecules in each of the three states of matter.

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