Observing a Baby Essay

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1 a. When I first got the baby it started crying I didn’t know which thing to check for first. It started crying while I was trying to unlock my house and might have looked weird changing the baby in front of my house. I then got used to doing every step until it stopped crying. The day time was easy but it got really hard and cried more at night time. b. I thought it was going to be easy before I gotten the baby. I was actually hard because the baby made it difficult for me to do my homework. c. At the beginning my sisters were so excited and thought the baby was just adorable. Then when it started crying more they seemed to be distance from the baby. At the end my sisters were glad that it was going back to school. d. I didn’t go out when I had the baby. e. The baby had a major effect on my social life. I don’t I think I even texted my friend or used the computer. Between tending the baby and trying to do my homework it was tough to do other things. f. That infant would get the attention it needs because I’m at school one third of the day. The baby could get a baby sitter/nanny but we would not have a good mother-infant relationship. The infant would not have a secure attachment which has an effect when it grows up. g. 1.You should be at least in your twenties or late teen 2. Have a stable job that should cover the family’s needs. 3. Provide a secure home for your child. h. MY mother did not raise me when I was young or an infant because she worked for our family. My older sisters took care of me but they are not here today to answer that question. i. A parent should be patient. Not just patient for their crying and fussiness but also the milestones they achieve. 2 The toy I chose is Skip Hop Treetop Friends Hug & Hide Owl Activity Toy. The toy cost $17.95 and it’s for six month babies. I selected this toy because its

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