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Observations David Wilson Student Park University Observations David Wilson Student Park University Abstract The observation I made where on the following selections. I chose to observe 2-3years old, 22-23years old, 40-60 years old and over 60 years old. The toddlers I observed where in their home environment, the young adults are my children and where observed every day in the home and at work, the older adults where observed mostly in a work environment and questioned about other parts of their life and the very old adults were observed in a home/relaxation environment and interviewed about their daily life. I will be looking for the way family life affects the person. I will be making observation of four different stages of life. The observations will be done in a setting that is comfortable for all involved for that age group. The younger subjects will be watched in a play environment and as the subjects get older it will move to more of an interview to gather information. I will be pursuing how the aging process is affected by family life. Does family have a positive or negative effect or both? Through these observations I will make my opinion of what family does to the maturing process. The first child that I observed was a boy named Nicky. He comes from a family where the mother is unmarried and the father is around but not involved in his day to day life. From watching Nicky I learned that he does a lot of the things that a normal two year old would do, but there are little things that are not normal. Nicky loves attention when a new person would come into the room he would immediately try to get their attention. Nicky likes to play with all sorts of toys, but he likes the ones with flashing lights the most, they seemed to keep his attention for longest time. When Nicky is trying to communicate the he wants something or to get an item

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