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ObservetionsObservation is important because it gives us a look at where the child is developmentally while the child does not know they are being watched. You can do an observation many different ways but I find that this less stressful on a child. “Observation is sometimes referred to as kid watching and is an excellent way to find out about children’s behaviors and learning.” (Morrison, 2009) These observations are good in the fact that they help us as teachers to see what areas a child may need to be assisted in, and gives us the information to be able to tell parents about any concerns or any great accomplishments the child has made, or is making. A con to the observations is that just because you may not see a child doing something that they are developmentally supposed to be able to do does not mean that the child cannot do it. The child may just not be interested in what it is that you would like to see them do. The other thing is that most of the time these observations are done informally. Administration of standardized tests is used to determine where a child should or should not be placed in a school setting. I personally think these are stressful to the children and they think that if they do not answer correctly they will be singled out and that is usually what does happen. My child for example is going in the 5th grade, she reads on a 7th grade reading level but when it comes time for her school testing she freezes up and then cannot answer the questions and because of this she is penalized and put into extended learning classes. The tests are good to see what knowledge the children have but at the same time not all children can answer questions on paper; some do better if they are asked verbally. “Many early childhood professionals believe that standardized tests do not measure children’s thinking, problem solving ability, creativity, or

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