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Observation 1 Planning Date: 05.03.09 Child to be known as: Jenny Age: 2.11 Gender: Female Type of Observation: Formal/ Participative Aims: To look at Physical Development. Objectives: To watch Jenny playing with her friends outdoors and to see the progression she has made between now and her last observation. Start Time: 10.30am End Time: 10.45am Context: Jenny was playing with her friends in the garden area where there were bicycles and a large play house. Implementation: Jenny was outside playing with a group of children. She ran into the play house and started to pull down the table that was inside. She called to the other children to join her and she pretended to sit everyone around the table as though it was lunch time. Jenny then shared out the plates and cups and walked across the play area to go to the shops, she asked a member of staff for some pennies to buy what she needed. Jenny said good bye then went off for a walk around the play area. Jenny came back and said hello to everyone in the play house and pretended to sit down with a cup of tea. Jenny then began to tidy the cups and saucers away and pretended to wash up getting some of the other children to help her. Evaluation: I feel that the aims of the observation were met and that it gave us an insight to the way Jenny plays with others and how her language skills are developing. We looked at Jenny’s Physical development from how she walked to the shops to her hand-eye co-ordination when pretending to wash up the cups and saucers. Recommendation: If I were to do this activity again I would look more closely at Jenny’s physical development and the skills that she has acquired. I would extend on the activity by being more involved in what Jenny is doing and perhaps incorporate a mini obstacle course for jenny to use to get to the shops.

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