Observation: Written Narrative

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Unit 2 - Child observation 3 When child A arrives the nursery: It is 7:55 in the morning, on a Friday, and child A should be arriving at the nursery very soon. After what seemed like 5 minute’s child A and its mother show up next to the gates. Child A is staring around the room, while her mother is holding her in the arms. The key person see’s them and walks to the gate. While the key person is walking towards them, the mother takes of child A’s coat and shoes and hangs their coat up. The key person enthusiastically greets the mother and child A; they stare at the key person for 5 seconds and turn their head towards their mother, which they appear to look agitated. The key person takes child A from its mother’s arms, but after a second of not being in their mother’s arms, they started to cry and became very fidgety. The key person starts to rock child A, while telling them “your fine” and “it’s ok”. As this didn’t seem to work the key person put child A next to the toys, and started shaking a shaker, after 10 seconds child A stopped crying and started playing with the shaker, while smiling and looking at the key person and her mother. The key person goes up to the mother and has a small conversation, before the mother left the nursery, saying goodbye to child A. When child A is collected from the nursery: It is 4:25 in the afternoon, on a Thursday, child A is playing with the bricks, trying to stack them together, while the key person is sitting next to them, after a minute later their mother enters the gates. The key person notices, grabs child A and holds them in her arms, while walking towards the gates. At first child A appears to be distressed, as they appear to still want to play with the bricks, but when the key person says “look its mummy”, they look towards the gates making a few cooing noises. The key person hands child A to its mother. The mother

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