Observation Reflective Account Report

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SOUTH THAMES COLLEGE Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce QCF STUDENT EVIDENCE RECORD Name Unit: 1 Workplace: Title: Nursery assistant Date: 17th July 2014 Please circle the type of evidenceAssessor Observation Reflective Account StatementProfessional Discussion Project | | Contribute to the support of child and young person developmentPhysical: There’s one thing for sure – babies and kids will grow. But physical development is about more than just hitting the right percentiles on a height chart.All babies grow in the same order but at completely different rates. One seven-month-old might be crawling around and chattering madly. Another might be playing silently on his…show more content…
I would say very positive words to the babies or I would just show them lots of love. For example I would hug them or I would play with them were I am putting a smile on their face I would also praise them with words like well done, good girl or good boy I would say I am very happy with you.Review effectiveness of own contribution to the assessment of the development needs of a child or young person:Working in teams: we work as a team in baby room we all communicate with each other so when we are doing are key children’s folders when we do are tracking and everything if there was a member of staff that doesn’t understand I would help or another member of staff would help them. When we are in the classroom we work as a team if a child threw up one staff would go change them and then I would clean it up and another member staff would make sure the children do not come to were the accident happen because it is a hazard for them.Understanding own roles and responsibilities for contributing to and or/ maintaining record keeping
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