Observation Of The MAOF/WMMC Rainbow Children's Center

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I observed two teachers at the MAOF/WMMC Rainbow Children’s Center. The first appeared to be the head teacher of the younger children and the second appeared to be the head teacher of the older children. The teacher of the younger children was named Ms. Diaz and the teacher of the older children was named Ms. Silva. I gathered they were the head teachers because they were the ones keeping track of the times when the children would do different things. I observed Ms. Diaz first. She was sitting a little bit apart from the area where most of the children were grouped together when I began. She kept an eye on each child while observing them all as a group at the same time. Her head moved from child to child frequently but she did not interact with them very much for the time I was there. Mostly, she sat apart from them, making sure no one got hurt or became upset. After a few minutes a small girl, about 1 ½ wandered over to her and held out a daisy that she had pulled out of the ground. Ms. Diaz smiled at her and said, “Thank you very much. This is very nice, but please don’t pick the flowers anymore, you’ll get dirty.” She then pulled the flower away…show more content…
Silva a 3 in warmth and a 5.5 in control. I gave her a 3 in warmth because although she was not all that warm when interacting with the children, when she did interact, she did try to make sure everyone was being nice to each other. She tried to make one boy apologize to the other when she saw something inappropriate happen even though she did not take the time to learn the whole situation. I gave her a 5.5 in control because she did not pay very much attention to the children but when she did she tried to make sure everything was in order and running on schedule. She made sure everyone shared responsibility when it was time to pick up and that everyone was present before they moved from one place to another. However, she did not take very much interest in the conflicts that arose outside of the

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