Observation Of Pelican Bay Prison

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Fairy Bagga Prof. Langston Cor 201 Pelican Bay Prison I watched an episode which featured Pelican Bay correctional facility in California . Pelican Bay is a high security prison it houses California ’s most dangerous criminals. The show was sad and interesting at the same time. The prison is split in two facilities one is for general inmates and the other is security housing unit for dangerous criminals. Inmates in SHU spend 22.5 hours in isolation they are segregated from other prisoners and they get 1 hour to walk or workout in indoor yard. Some extremely dangerous inmates have turned this safe place into one of most horrifying place to be in. One of the officers called…show more content…
The officer constantly checked the mail that prisoners received because gang members and criminals use interesting ways to deliver contraband through mails and greetings. One on the officers discovered hidden heroin between the post card that was send to one of prisoners. One of the officers also discovered methadone in an Easter greeting. It’s amazing they conceal the drugs so well that it’s almost impossible for naked eyes to see it. Another interesting was ghost writing that was discovered by officers during mail search. The gang members used codes in the mail to communicate that no one else could have comprehended besides them. After lot of hard work investigators were able to crack down the code, which ordered gang members to kill the correction officers. These methods just amazed me. It seems like it’s almost impossible to stop these gang members from communicating once the officers and investigator find one means of their communication they find a new one by that time. After watching the show I think this is the worst place to be in. I really appreciated the officers who risked their life protect the community from some of these really dangerous
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