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Observation Of Children Essay

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  • on September 7, 2011
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Observation of School-Aged Children for Psychosocial Behavior
Dawn Marie Perry
Webster University

I observed a group of three girls and four boys ages seven and eight from the West Minister Presbyterian after-school program. I documented their interactions with each other and their class leader in order to analyze their psychosocial development. I concluded that all of the children were developmentally appropriate.

Observation of School-Aged Children for Psychosocial Behavior
      The group of children I chose to observe attended an after-school program held at West Minister Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.   The observed consisted of three girls and four boys between the ages of seven and eight. Two of the girls and three of the boys were African American. The remaining girl and boy were Caucasian. The room in which the observation took place contained a large table with twelve seats, a smaller table with four seats, an area with art supplies, an area with a variety of toys, and an area for the children’s book bags. The classroom was lead by a young woman in her twenties. The girls will be known as Girl A, Girl B, and Girl C. The boys will be known as Boy A, Boy B, Boy C, and Boy D.
  The class leader asked the children to sit down at the table for a snack. The girls all complied, sat down at the table, and waited while the leader handed out the snack. The girls chatted with each other about their favorite color and flavor of Tootsie Roll Pop. Girl B noticed that I was sitting at the smaller table. She asked the leader what I was doing. Girl A then asked me what I was doing. I told them that I was going to watch them while they played. They went back to their conversation about candy. After the girls received their snack, they started talking with the class leader about soccer. None of the girls seemed to have any knowledge of the sport but they agreed that they liked it.
      Boys A, B, and C did not...

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