Observation of a 5 Year Old Boy

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Observing a 5 year old boy Questions Asked 1) Can this child cavort on one foot? (Berger, 2009, p.225) 2) Does this child prefer to have things done in a particular order or in a certain way? (Berger, 2009, p.226) 3) Is this child social with peers? (Berger, 2009, p.295) 4) Does this child incorporate characters and plots from television into their play?(Berber, 2009, p.295) 5) Can this child throw, catch, and kick a ball? (Berger, 2009, p.239) 6) Does this child zip zippers and button their own shirt? (Berger, 2009, p.239) 7) Does this child ask questions about social differences (male-female, old-young, rich-poor) (Berger, 2009, p.239) 8) Does this child exhibit centration? (Berber, 2009, p.257) 9) Does this child exhibit static reasoning? (Berber, 2009, p.257) 10) Does this child use a passive voice? (Berger, 2009, p.269) 11) Does this child attend a preschool program? (Berger, 2009, p.269) 12) Can the child count objects?(Berger, 209, p.276) 13) Does this child understand the equality of Piaget’s conservation of liquid?(demonstrate the experiment with child) (Berger, 2009, p.287) 14) Can this child tell a joke? (Berger, 2009, p.287) 15) Does this child exhibit concrete operational thought and moral development while playing a board game? (Berger, 2009, p.305) 16) What type of sociodramatic play does this child often play?(Berber, 2009, p. 296) 17) Does this child play actively with their siblings or peers in a rough-and –tumble play?(Berger, 2009, p.296) 18) Does this child exhibit externalizing problems?(Berger, 2009, p.293) 19) Does this child believe that toys are gender related?( Dolls for girls, trucks for boys)(Berger, 2009, p. 311) 20) What type of disciplinary technique is used with this child? Does the parents believe it is effective? (Berber, 2009, p. 307) 21) Does this

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