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Running head: HIGHLAND AVENUE ELEMENTARY.1 Highland Avenue Elementary: Mrs. Galiotos' 3rd/4th Grade Combination Classroom Christian Velazquez Elgin Community College Author Note This paper was prepared for Psychology 211, Section 100, taught by Professor Raval. HIGHLAND AVENUE ELEMENTARY.2 Narrative On Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 8:20am, I walked in to Mrs. Galiotos' 3rd/4th grade combination classroom. As I walked in, I noticed in the front of the room there was a double-wide chalkboard with a projector screen hanging from above so that when the screen is pulled down it covers where the chalkboards connect in the middle, as well as part of both chalkboards. To the right of the chalkboard and a little above, I noticed the traditional flag being displayed in it's appropriate holster. Not too far from the flag was a laminated poster displaying The Pledge of Allegiance. Right next to the door is a table with five different containers all containing books and signs hanging below saying whats in each of them. Still looking around, I noticed a television with a VCR mounted to the wall up out of the students reach, but angled so that they can easily view the screen. Right below the television are two computers for the students to use. On the left side of the classroom, there were windows lining the whole left side which let in plenty of light and fresh air. Above the windows was the alphabet in cursive, both capital and lower case, on each individual laminated sign. Some of them had words listed below the letters. The back of the room had more laminated posters along with several 3-tier bookshelf cases holding books and containers with books in them. On the right side of the room was the “Enrichment Center”. There were learning board games on shelving racks and filing cabinets with post-its all over them. There were two tall black cabinets,

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