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Nursing 254 GI Lab Observation Clinical Objectives Answer the following questions: 1) What is the role of the nurse in caring for a patient in the GI lab care setting? Identify nursing actions and interventions. How is the nursing care different in the GI lab than on the medical/surgical floor? How is the nursing care the same as on the medical/Surgical floor? The role of the nurse in the GI lab is performing a thorough head-to-toe assessment, along with obtaining prior medical history, and making sure consent and all documentation is completed before the patient goes in for their procedure. The nurses’ role intra-procedure is documenting, assisting the physician, initiating the time-outs, and giving report to the next nurse of what occurred, post diagnosis, and any new orders to the next nurse. Post procedure, the nurses’ role is to assess the patient, perform vital sign every 10 minutes until stabilized, give discharge instructions and do patient teaching. Nursing care is different in the GI lab than on a med/surg floor because you’re with the patient for an hour before they go for their procedure, and then discharging them usually after 45 minutes post procedure. While a med/surg nurse is with their patient for 12 hours. The nurse may only have 5 patients in one day, and on others up to 30. The nurse does not give as many medications as a med/surg nurse does. They primarily give fluids or antibiotics, and occasionally something else if the doctor orders it. Med/surg nurses deal with more ongoing acute problems, as in the GI nurse is receiving a patient who is stable enough and does not require intense interventions. Also, the GI nurse deals with billing. Nursing care is the same in the respect that on both floors you are performing ongoing assessments, providing patient teaching, discharging the patient, communicating with physicians, and looking at the

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