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Ashley smith Psych 120 Mrs. Montague March 26, 2013 In my psychology class we are to write a 5 page paper on observing Early Childhood Demonstration Center at OCC in Des Plaines. We are to observe one of the EDCD’s classrooms for at least 45 min then gather information and the material we wrote to conduct a paper. At OCC’s Child center they believe in the power of play. “We believe that the play is the medium through which learning occurs. It’s how children gain knowledge, develop creativity, build self-esteem, and form meaningful relationships.” They believe strongly is a good curriculum. Activities range from math and science to music and arts. Their classrooms feature bright, spacious, well designed areas plus outdoor space for the children to enjoy. My observation was on Monday March 25, 2013 at 10:05 a.m. I called a few days ahead of time to set up a good time for me to come in I left a message for ECDC’s staff member and got a call back on Monday morning. I chose to go observe the 3-5 year old classroom. I thought I would get more interaction and just more action in general. Kids are more outspoken and more likely to interact with each other at this age. I noticed that when we went down as a class and were able to see both classrooms that even with the small amount of time we spent there that the 3-5 year olds had much more going on in their class. My interest when going to see the 3-5 year old classroom was to see who played with who gender wise it’s interesting at this age boys and girls have “coodies” to see how well they interact. I’m curious what activities they liked the best such as painting or reading books or just running around aimlessly. I also wanted to see if children were comfortable with the teacher on duty. Some children have a hard time being dropped off by their parents especially at this age and give the

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