Observation Essay

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In my psychology class we are conducting an observation of any individual that we can observe for a period of no less than 5 days. My hypothesis is that the person being observed acts differently with different types of age groups (Ex. Someone in their 20’s vs. a child), that they act differently in a closed environment (such as at home, or in the neighborhood) than in a public place, and finally that if they find out that I am observing them that it will probably cause a change in behavior, I will probably be questioned about my motives, why I am I acting so weird (observant), etc. The biggest problem in making a conclusion or multiple conclusions from one’s hypothesis is that there is no certainty that they are correct. They could feel different around you, even if they don’t know that you are observing them, just you being in their class might make them act differently, or just seeing you every day might bright up, or worsen their day. The person I am observing is a female, somewhere around 5’6” or maybe even 5’8”, I don’t have an exact value. She is a kind woman in her early 40’s not ready yet to put the makeup and eye shadow away, but slowly decreasing the use of such materials to better her appearance. She dresses pretty conservatively, mainly due to the factor that she is mildly submerged in her religion and her religious values, also most religions tell women to be modest and dress cleanly. Her hair is almost always in some sort of bun or tied up, because she cooks and doesn’t want any of her hair to get in the way, there are probably other reasons that I can’t figure out right now. She usually expresses body language to something that is resentful or something that she doesn’t see fit, she laughs often which is good for her health, not many other facial expressions are used, except for some intimidations by raising the eyebrows and setting her arms on her

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