Obligations of Telemachus and Other Characters in the Odyssey

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Quite a few characters so far in the book the Odyssey are obliged to do something. Athena and Telemachus are the two characters that are obliged to do the most. Athena and Telemachus both seem to be working together and they are both obliged to do many things that involve each other. The first person that felt obliged to do something is Athena. She felt very bad that Odysseus was struggling with his journey home to Ithaca, and that the gods felt bad for a person who killed a guy and got killed by that guy’s son. Athena was wondering why they were feeling bad for a guy who deserved his death, whereas Odysseus was just a good ol’ war soldier who helped win the fight against troy. Athena felt obliged to help him. She started with inspiring Telemachus to get rid of the suitors and to set sail to other cities to try and get word on his father, Odysseus, whereabouts, and if he is even alive. Then, Telemachus felt obliged to do as Athena asked of him. So he gave a speech to the suitors asking them to leave, and he even threatened them with the power of the gods if they dared refuse. The next thing that Telemachus was obliged to do is to set sail and look for his father. Athena also feels obliged to accompany Telemachus and his sailors on their journey to look for Odysseus, because she is the one who inspired Telemachus to commit to the journey in the first place. That is where we stopped reading in the book, the odyssey, so far, and those were some examples of obligation. I am sure that if we even just read one more book in the Odyssey, we could find a ton more examples of

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