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Object Speech (90 seconds) This right here would be my dogs collar. The reason why I chose this as my object today is because a dog is not just a dog they become a part of you. You train this animal and treat that as a member of your family. My dog is the baby of the family even though he is now older than me. My dog is 91 years old (in dog years) that’s 13 human years. My dog is a white miniature schnauzer and literally the best dog I have ever had. I love everything about my dog and how he has grown up. Every dog has their certain habits that they have and their own personality. My dog has many things who makes him who he is today for example, one of his ears was cut shorter than the other because they said he was so hyper it was hard to keep him still. This was when he was just a couple of months old and you would think that oh he’s just a puppy that won’t happen again. False, he was the same every time he went to the groomers and he has a sliced tongue just to prove it. Yes at the time I was upset that my dog was hurt but in the end, it’s like I wouldn’t have expected anything less from my little guy. If Lukas was any person in the world it would be joey from Friends. He’s also quite the actor, there have a least been 3 different times where my mom calls me and she tells me Lukas was limping this morning is he okay? And when I checked on him he was fine. I figured maybe his foot fell asleep or something. But then later my mom came home and he started limping again and once she went to bed he was fine! So now I’m convinced he’s quite the dramatic actor. Just like Joey from friends, Lukas is obsessed with food, but what dog isn’t? When he was younger it was a lot easier to control him and he knew better than to beg for food at the dinner table but now that has completely gone out the window I don’t know if he just forgot or he just doesn’t care anymore. He

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