Obeying the Laws Essay

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Obeying the Laws The laws that keep the United States running fluently have their own meanings; their meanings being that if someone doesn’t obey them, they have to assume the consequences that come their way. In some cases, some people, because of their heroic status and celebrity iconic respect they seem to not go through the tough consequences as people whose status isn’t that of a hero or celebrity. Michael Phelps, a fourteen time Olympian gold medalist winner in the swimming competitions, was photographed holding a bong pipe and he appeared to be inhaling some of the Marijuana smoke; when he went to a party in November at the University of South Carolina. In the Los Angeles Times article, “Michael Phelps wont face charges in drug pipe case,” Leon Lott, a South Carolina sheriff, states that “Michael Phelps is truly an American hero… but even with his star status, he is still obligated to obey the laws of our state.” Lott also brings forth that he lacks the physical evidence to charge the Olympian swimmer with a misdemeanor. The lack of equality in America is shown by this event, as the other normal college student party goers were charged with drug possession and Michael, an Olympic icon, apparently, with a simple apology, got away with it with no charge. Even though Michael Phelps was among the people that were up to the same negativity he was, he wasn’t penalized the way they were. In the Los Angeles Times article it states that, “The sheriff’s office said eight people were arrested during the investigation. Seven have been charged with simple possession of marijuana, which carries maximum penalty of thirty days in jail and five hundred seventy-five dollars in fine.” This shows that the penalties for these party goers wasn’t equal at all. I believe that even though Michael is such a hero for many around the world, his punishment should have been the same as
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