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Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis The countries studied to determine the effectiveness to export and import are the United States, China, Canada and Chile. The different elements that are considered in this test are the economic downturn, depressed markets and high unemployment rates for each country. According to the data, the United States has the lowest unemployment percentage, second to highest population, and it imports more than it exports. In this case, it will be beneficial for the United States with all the elements considered to export and import. In the case of China, they have the highest population, highest unemployment percentage, but the import and export is relatively close. China exports 35 billion more than it imports. Looking at the data and taking into consideration that China has the highest population, so it makes sense that they also have the highest unemployment percentage and would be cost effective for China to export and import. In the case of Chile and Canada it does not seem to be cost effective for these two countries to export and import based on the data provided. Canada and Chile has relatively low population compared to the other two countries. They both have high unemployment percentages. Canada has a very small population and it imports and exports just as much as China, who has a population of 1,273,111 (thousands). Evaluating the data it does not seem to be cost effective for Canada to import and export. The data indicates Chile has the lowest population and a high unemployment percentage and, even though Chile has the lowest export and imports it may not be cost effective for Chile to import or export. The population is so low and the unemployment percentage is too high for the country to export and import in a cost effective way. The verbal and numerical hypothesis statement was based on the four countries (United

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